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Open Source Solutions

The flexibility and support for Open Source platforms is comparable to a number of Commercial and Enterprise platforms and often more economical.
Using the right tool for the right jobs requires defining distinct requirements to properly gauge Open Source vs. Enterprise solutions.
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Tutorials and Guides

Write-ups and guides are under development for System Hardening, Logging/Monitoring, and various service deployment guides (Web Servers, DNS, Databases, etc.).
Basic Guides are on the Wiki and some Write-Ups for the National Cyber League (NCL) are on GitHub
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Presentations for LOPSA and 0xDeadC0de Sec will be listed here


Securing the Human and their Systems

The following percetages represent how knowledgable and confident I am with the associated platforms.

  • Open Source

    Nagios, Apache, Docker, HAProxy, LinuxHA, Salt Stack

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, Office 365, Digital Ocean

  • Unix/Linux Systems

    RHEL, Debian, FreeBSD

  • Windows Systems

    Server 2008, 2012

Lab Techs

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Brian Vianzon